Thursday, September 30, 2010

Playing Card Inspired Mani

Hello everyone!

I've just been enjoying my parents' company while they are down visiting. They drove all the way down from the Yukon to see us! We've been busy running all over town, doing some shopping, and checking out the sights so I haven't had much time to make a post. Everyone is sleeping in this morning so I thought I'd toss a couple of photos of my current mani up!

I used my Claire's Black Hole and Snow Ball, and my Essie Lacquered Up to paint the base colours on all my nails (thumb to pinky= white, black, white, red, white). Then I stamped using my Konad special polishes alternating black and white. For my thumbs I painted a half circle of red at the base of the nail. I used my Kiss black striper polish to draw the outline and pinstripe it. I stamped the crown so it just sat atop the moon. I drew a heart atop the queen's crown and a spade atop the king's. Then it was more fun with rhinestones. :)

Top coat and voila! My version of a playing card mani. :)

My family is all about cribbage so it's a groovy naildo to be rocking while the folks are visiting.
I've since changed all fingers but my thumbs to an alternate matching mani, because I suffered a few chips yesterday. Just diagonal white/red with a defining black line across. It was something quick and easy since everything's been so busy. :) I got to keep my royal thumbs which is awesome. :)

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! I'll be back again Sunday with a new post!


  1. Oh I love it! I had the idea of doing something similar, but with a white base and black/red stamps on alternate fingers, haven't tried it yet though. Yours is gorgeous! I love how you incorporated the crown and the rhinestones!

  2. awesome, I love it! The thumb is my favorite :)

  3. The thumb is my fave too!! :) nice work!

  4. Just amazing! Love the idea and how you precisely did that! Perfect!

  5. That is so cool! I don't know cribbage but I know euchre is it like that?

  6. Thank you all for your comments! <3 <3

    I'm still visiting the folks and so I haven't been online very long at a time. I want to respond to each of you but won't be able to until Saturday or Sunday! Cheers and thanks again!

  7. AH! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I've always loved any design that has to do with playing cards. The thumb with the crown is GORGEOUS!
    And I am obsessed with rhinestones. I can't seem to do a design without adding at least one. :)


  8. domesticgoddess: I don't think cribbage is like Euchre, but I haven't learned how to play Euchre. :P

    Lindsay: I adore rhinestones too. I've only just started using them. I always thought the uneven nails would bug me but if I use a good top coat it doesn't irritate me much. The sparkle is worth it!

    Thank you everyone for your compliments! I'm so excited that you all like it! It makes me very excited to keep posting these stamping adventures!

  9. Just to cute. I love it, the colors, design, Oh so creative :)