Tuesday, May 24, 2011

200 Follower Giveaway! ----CLOSED----

Hooray! Frippery Digits has reached 200 Followers!
and it is HIGH TIME I had a giveaway to show my appreciation to all you fabulous humans who take the time to visit my blog. I appreciate all your support and comments SO much!

When I started this little blog I really just thought it would be a nice separate space to post pictures of my manicures so I could send a few friends and family over to take a peek. I soon found out that the nail blogging community is full of tremendously talented bloggers and nail polish aficionados who are super supportive of each other and just plain excited about the new trends and how other folks are decorating their digits. I am having so much fun blogging with you!

Without further ado I present my giveaway:

I tried to take some accurate close ups for you, but the macro on my camera is only soso. I hope these help (pic heavy!):

3 packets of different coloured/shaped rhinestones

3 packets of sticky rhinestones in various sizes (royal blue, pearls, bright pink)

6 small vials of coloured bullion beads in gold, emerald green, red, bright pink, indigo, and silver

Art Deco striper polishes in Black, White and Silver Glitter.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Calypso Blue

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Thinking of Blue

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Eggplant Frost

Wet n Wild Megalast 218 Blackmail

Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear Emerald City

Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear Rockstar Pink

Joe Twilight (green/black jelly with rainbow flakies)

Joe Matte

Joe Grape (metallic Purple)

Revlon 190 Strawberry Electric

There will be at least one surprise polish included in this package and possibly some other Canadian goodies too! Sounds good eh? :P

I tried to represent the sorts of polishes/colors that I enjoy using or that make up a decent portion of my stash (I use a lot of drug store brands). I also wanted to give a bit of nail art goodies, since I'm a big fan. I did include 3 Joe polishes because those are a Canadian brand and I thought there might be some folks who were interested in collecting them. All of these products were purchased by me for this giveaway and have not been used, not even for a swatch. I don't receive any compensation for any products available in this giveaway. Please see my disclosure for any further info.

After much fretting over the details of a big giveaway, I have decided to keep the rules super simple.

This giveaway is open internationally! Providing the winner is an earthling, I will pack it up with care and mail it, however I won't be responsible for any possible customs fees when it reaches it's destination.

This Giveaway ends June 24th. This means that the minute it is NO LONGER JUNE 24th ANYWHERE on this earth my giveaway is closed. ;)

To get your one and only entry all you have to do is: Be a PUBLIC follower of Frippery Digits via Google Friend Connect (GFC) and leave me a note in this entry with your GFC name and your email so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner. Please ensure that you are signed in to GFC when you leave your note.

I would love it if you'd include a note telling me what polish/goody you are most excited about in my giveaway. It won't get you an extra entry but it would help me put together my next giveaway. :)

I will assign every entrant one number, in the order they were submitted, and the winning number will be selected by using the sequence generator at random.org. The lucky winner will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be selected.

Good luck!



  1. Congrats on 200+ followers!

    I follow via GFC as Biba.

    e-mail: barbara(dot)skledar (at) gmail(dot)com

    I'm really excited about Joe Fresh polishes :)

  2. I follow!

    Congrats to you.

    I'm Erin Kellogg

  3. Congratulations for 200 followers! ^^
    I like especially of the Sally Hansen X-Treme wear polishes and the Joe Twilight. They're gorgeus! *_*

    I follow your blog publicly with the name Banana.


  4. This is so nice of you! I would be most excited about the matte nail polish, since I have been meaning on buying one but I haven't yet.

    My name is itsfashiontime!

  5. Fab giveaway! My GFC name is The Nail Buff.
    All things look great, but that Joe Twilight did make my heart beat a little bit faster...

  6. congratulations for 200 followers! :)
    i LOVE the sally hansen polishes! amazing colours. :D

    GFC: kavitha gunasegaran
    email: theindianangel@hotmail.com

  7. Congratulations on breaking 200!
    I have my heart set on the Joe Twilight, sooooo gorgeous!


  8. Congrats on 200 followers and thanks for doing this giveaway! The prizes look amazing. :)

    GFC: Liz
    email: liquidjelly76 (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. Congrats with your 200 followers!
    GFC: Sylvia
    Email: nailartcreationsblog[at]gmail[dot]com

  10. What a great give away. Congrats on reaching 200 followers (jealous!)

  11. Congrats on 200 followers!

    GFC: Anutka
    email: angalek@gmail.com

    Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway!
    I'm most excited about Joe Matte! I have yet to try a matte top-coat :)

  12. Congrats on 205 followers and thanks for this great giveaway...! ^^

    GFC: Angeles
    email: nailartencasa@hotmail.com

  13. Sorry but I have problems with blogger all day long to comment with my GFC... (This is my url)

    Congrats again! ;-)

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  15. messed up my first comment. lol. here i go again.

    i'm most excited about the bullion beads! i want some of those that aren't a total mess like the ones i bought from born pretty. hehe!

    gfc: rebecca
    email: rebeccalikesnails@hotmail.com

  16. Such great stuff! I'm uber excited about the bullion beads because I can only find gold and silver at my local suppliers. Also the two Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes are GORGEOUS! I love blues right now.


  17. Congrats on 200+ followers!

    I follow via GFC as ritterbraten

    email ritterbraten at googlemail dot com

    I love ArtDeco stripers and SH Rockstar Pink!! I'd love to havethem so much!

  18. Congrats! I am a new follower and glad to have found your blog :o)

    GFC is debra

  19. i wanted to try the joe polishes..
    i am a follower jhoannz
    email is jhoannz28(at)gmail.com

  20. Hi I'm CapslockBeautiful :) my email is cephlalove@gmail.com, I'm super excited to try the gemmies - I like the glitzy and they might be fun to try! Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. You're first giveaway, I'm excited for you! Was to rock the polish world JQ :) Also, those Joe polishes look cool.

  22. My GFC: Andreza
    dezade (at) gmail (dot) com
    I love artdeco and Eyko polishes.
    I want win so much....

  23. GFC: JustSomeNailsByMJ
    e-mail: laney_74[at]hotmail[dot]com

    Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

  24. Congrats on 200+ followers!

    GFC: Ari
    email: hotgimmick12@yahoo.com

  25. Congrats :)
    I follow : tanya904

    tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

  26. Thank you for this giveaway!!!
    I follow you as rock-or-not
    Here is my adress:
    rock-or-not (at) hotmail dot fr
    I'm most exited about:
    Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear Rockstar Pink
    Thank you!

  27. Huge congrats to you hun! So nice of you to hold such a fab giveaway! Been a follower of yours via GFC for a while 'Aysh', my email is ayshabaig1@googlemail.com & have to say I'm most excited about that amazing looking polish Joe in Twilight which we don't have here! So sparkly!

    Thanks again! Love Aysh xoxo

  28. Oooh, this is an amazing giveaway, thank you!

    I'm following on GFC as Alexa Soares

  29. Wow...such an amazing stash! I love the Joe flakies and matte...we don't have that brand in the USA. I follow as Gottwinkies on gotmytwinkie at gmail.com (long history behind that nickname lol) Thanks!!

  30. Congrats on reaching 200+ followers :)

    I'm a follower through gfc - Sharon
    Email: polishinfatuated at gmail dot com

    Thanks for this lovely giveaway, the Joe flakey polish looks gorgeous!

  31. hiya firstly congrats on the followers :) i am a follower under name irishenchantment... if i am the lucky winner hehe my email is michelle.d.wray at googlemail.com
    i am most excited about the bullion beads they are so hard to find here

    shel xx

  32. Congrats on more than 200 followers! :)
    I'm a follower - Gemx
    Email - gemxsparkle@gmail.com

    I'm most excited about Joe Twilight, it looks very pretty! Thanks for hosting the lovely giveaway xxx

  33. Hi, thanks for being so generous!!

    Follower: R a i n
    Email: ruchira(dot)sw(at)gmail(dot)com

  34. I'd like to partecipate! I follow you via GFC (nick Alice@NailsbyAlice) and my email is nailsbyalice AT gmail DOT com

    I'm very exited about joe polishes since they are canadian :)

  35. Congrats on 200+ followers; i am sure there will be a lot more to come. I follow your blog via GFC as irina and my email address is iry_nook@yahoo.com.
    I can't pick only one thing I am excited about, because you can't find any of those items in Romania, where I live so I am dying to try them. However, I am completely blown away by JOE Twilight, that color looks so unique, special and beautiful!

  36. Congrats on your 200 followers, great giveaway \o/

    GFC Name: Stompy
    e-mail: bga (at) bigstompyboot (dot) co (dot) uk

    I do <3 those flakies

  37. I follow through GFC using the name Delaynee. And it is a toss up on what I would be most excited about.. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Calypso Blue OR Wet n Wild Megalast 218 Blackmail.. Tough call!!!!

    email is: delaynee88(at)hotmail(dot)com

    Also, congrats on the big 200 followers! Your blog is awesome and your photos make it to my inspiration folder quite often!!

  38. GFC is donnamccrudden
    email is donnamccrudden (at) gmail (dot) com

    I'm excited about the Joe polishes!!

    Congrats on the 200+ followers! Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. CONGRATS!!i really, really, really like the Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Emerald City!!!

    my GFC name is dianabanana
    email is: dianatangx3@gmail.com

  40. GFC: Sophie Strout
    email: missus.strout@gmail.com

  41. (tried to post with my GFC but for some reason not working?)

    Proud to be apart of the 200 followers! Congrats!
    GFC: dreaxoxo

    I would love to win the JOE polishes because I don't think I have access to them where I live??? It would be awesome to finally try them!

    Congrats again!

  42. Congrats!!!

    GFC: Ruth
    email: ruth.gistelinck@hotmail.com

    I'm intrigued by the Joe polishes...

  43. GFC: De

    I LOVE the Joe polishes very pretty and my first time seeing them

  44. Super Yayness, I am so excited with this giveaway. I would like to participate in it dear.
    Anw i am totally follower through Google Friend Connect name liz.

    Much Thankies for the chance dear
    Good luck for me and everyone :)


  45. congratulations on your 200th follower
    i follow as Bless(vhlesz)-GFC
    my eadd is vhleszrockz.003@gmail.com

    God Bless

  46. GFC follower; collifornia
    holliister at gmail dot com

  47. congrats on your 200 followers^^
    I follow on GFC as An Paw, anpawmisc@gmail.com
    I'm really excited by the Joe polish, twilight looks awesome^^ And I lack nail art goods ^^

  48. Thanxs for the Giveaway!
    GFC Princess Poly
    email poly.castro@gmail.com

  49. congratulations for 229 followers! :)
    I follow on GFC as Luiza.
    email: macovei.luiza(@)gmail(.)com

    I love you giveaway! :X:X:X:X
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  50. HII!
    thanks for great giveaway! i loved the beads sooo much also joe nail polishes!

    my GFC: sam anders
    Email: samanta_anders2003@yahoo.com

  51. sweeeeet! you are so kind :D my GFC: z. email: persephonewillow@yahoo.ca.

  52. Yay!! Congrats on hitting 200 followers~!! :D

    I am drooling over *Joe Twilight* flakies nuff said hehe
    Thank you for your generous giveaway. :)
    GFC: nailutopia


  53. Thanks for the giveaway!

    GFC Name: *Raíssa

    E-mail: raissa_rj @ hotmail . com

  54. I follow through GFC as terry and my email is chowyuktingterry@gmail.com=D

  55. Congrats for reaching 200 followers!

    I am excited for Joe Twilight.

    GFC: Alexa1202
    email: alexa12_02[at]yahoo[dot]com


  56. GFC ♥Short N Sweet♥ email silvangold@msn.com

  57. GFC: Senchila
    Email: senchilla[at}gmail{dot]com
    The Joe Twilight is so sparkleeeey <3
    Anything sparkley is AWESOME. :D

  58. GFC: Dani Mattos
    Email: danimattos95@hotmail.com

  59. Hi Jacqueline! Congraulation on reaching 200+ followers =D

    I follow you via GFC: 'chelle.
    My email address is cosmeticcupcake[at]gmail[dot]com.

    I'm loving the polishes you've included in your giveaway but I'm most excited about the Joe's polishes!! I've heard so much about them and I'm DYING to get my hands on some ^_^

    Thanks hun!

  60. Hello , enter me please ! Congratulations !
    *My email adress : s.andreea2007@gmail.com
    *My name follower GFC : Andreea
    *I blogged about your giveaway in my blog : http://frumusikapro.blogspot.com/p/giveaway-june.html
    *I am excited for Revlon 190 Strawberry Electric !
    Thank you very much :)kisses

  61. Great giveaway!
    GFC: Nina
    email: irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

    I'm most excited about the Joe Fresh polishes!

  62. GFC: necessary★nails
    email: necessarynails@gmail.com
    blog: http://necessary-nails.blogspot.com/p/giveaways-im-entered-in.html
    I am most excited for the Joe Fresh Twilight! :D

  63. Nice giveaway :)

    GFC : Nails From Fairy Tale
    email : nailsfromfairytale (at) gmail (dot) com

  64. GFC: crazeetraveler
    e-mail: janecrazee@gmail.com

    I'm excited about the glitter polishes!! =D

  65. Hi!

    Enter me please!

    I'm a new follower (Denise Luz)
    Mail: aluznotunel@gmail.com

    I posted your giveway on my sidebar: http://haluznofundodotunel.blogspot.com/

    Thanks! :)

  66. GFC: Tink l
    email: tee.i.n.k at gmail dot com

  67. GFC: Whitney @ ElementalStyles
    email: estyles.ww@gmail.com

    Thanks for this great giveaway! I'm most excited about the Joe polishes 'cause they're not available in the states!

  68. GFC: theVEROblog
    email: theveroblog(at)gmail(dot)com

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  69. great giveaway!!!!
    im following you via gfc as romipo and my email is crazy4nalpolishes@hotmail[dot]com
    Im most excited about Sally Hansen goodies cause here they are waaayyy to expensive, not alot of ppl have sally hansen polishes only the ones that make acrilic nails or something like that :P

  70. New follower here via GFC: SayAnythingBrooke

    Awesome and generous prizes, I would be most excited about those blue Sally Hansens!

  71. Congratulations!
    GFC Zofiana
    I'm very excited about the Joe polishes:)

  72. hi...Congratulations!!
    i am wishful thinker.
    email id wasifa27@gmail.com

  73. email id victoriaaaa64@gmail.com
    So excited for this giveaway! Such pretty colors D:

  74. great giveaway, so many nice polishes :) enter me please
    gfc name: hermetic
    email: hermetic2003 at yahoo dot com

  75. Wow, this is one sweet giveaway! I follow with GFC as Laynie, and my email is mslaynie AT gmail DOT com. :D

    Congratulations, and thanks for hosting such a sweet giveaway!

  76. Wow fab giveaway!
    GFC jazzqueen64
    email wendy_stanbury@hotmail.com
    I love seeing anything sparkly/cosmic

  77. My GFC is kraziechic
    and u can contact me at malou.reich@gmail.com

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaways!! xoxo

  78. Awesome giveaway!

  79. Hi from Spain!!

    GFC name: bambaki83
    Email: mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com

    I´d to try Joe Twilight (green/black jelly with rainbow flakies).


  80. Hi, I follow your blog publicly via Google Friend Connect as shala_darkstone. I love the rhinestones!
    maddiemb {at} comcast (dot) net

  81. Congrats!!!

    GFC; TrailerHood Chic
    EM: trailerhoodchic@gmail.com

  82. GFC - AndreaChambers
    Email - andrea.chambers@students.fhu.edu


  83. gfc- christina struble
    email thechrisamy@yahoo.com

  84. GFC: Super_ninja_status_2006
    Email: Superninjastatus2006@hotmail.com

  85. I follow with GFC. April

    I love all of the nail art goodies! I love doing nail art but for some reason never get myself new things to try out.

    Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your blog!


  86. hello GFC follower: me.. my nails and I..
    email: evangelinetuazon@gmail.com

    i'd really like to have Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear Rockstar Pink..

    thanks for the giveaway..more power to you..god bless you..^__^

  87. gfc follower: pretty
    email: pinknailblog at gmail dot com

    i like the ALL the pink stuff. lol thanks for having a giveaway. :-P

  88. Congratulations!

    GFC: Sweet As Honey Blog
    Email: sweetashoneyblog@gmail.com

  89. congrats!!

    GFC: anschluss_phau23
    email address: anschluss_phau23@yahoo.com

  90. Thanks for the giveaway.
    I'm very excited about the polishes since I can't get hold of these brands in Italy.
    AND I'm a green freak and you've chosen two green polishes! ^-^
    My GFC name is Macca and my mail is nbizzarro@gmail.com

  91. Hi,
    enter me ,please!
    I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)
    I'm the most excited about Sally Hensen polishes
    Email : andrasescu.camelia@gmail.com
    thank you.

  92. I follow: cynthia
    Fabulous giveaway!

  93. peripatetic33 - new GFC follower
    peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com
    i like your Jealous Hearts (Spats n' Spangles variation) mani

  94. Congrats!
    I'm a new follower: Kelly.
    I'd love to try Joe Grape.


  95. Congrats

    GFC: Mateja
    email: mateja(dot)kosic(at)gmail(dot)com

    I realy like Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear Rockstar Pink - it looks soo good

  96. Ooh, fun! Congratulations on your 200 followers!
    My GFC is Nicole, and my email is nicole AT nightlynails.com
    And....not being Canadian, I'm totes interested in the Joe Fresh goodies!
    Thanks so much. :)

  97. GFC: yaeloval
    email: yaeloval(at)gmail(dot)com
    I liked the most Joe fresh twilight and matte. :)

  98. GFC: Nomioto
    email: nwedge(at)hotmail(dot)ca
    I Love the Joe Twilight and the Sally Hanson Rockstar pink!!
    I also happen to love you!!!

  99. How do you only have 200 followers?! Congrats.

    GFC follower: Megan Harmeyer
    email: megharmeyer@gmail.com

    Loving Joe Twilight (flakies are ALWAYS good)!