Friday, May 6, 2011

Lavendar Fishnet Tips with Teal.

Greetings Jellybeans!

This was my manicure that I did yesterday afternoon, after I anxiously checked my mailbox for the new Bundle Monster plates. They still haven't arrived, but I have yet to do the final check of my mailbox today so there is still hope for the weekend. :P Seeing as I was so revved up to do stamping I decided I'd better sift through my Konad and older BM plates to see if I could get inspired.

Up until this time I haven't had much luck with applying the tip images STRAIGHT. Yesterday I lucked out, or else I have just done enough stamping and lining up full nail stamps that I am intuitively applying the tips better. Anyways I'm pretty happy with the turn out! I kind of finished this mani at the last minute so I slopped on some lotion, and ran outside to catch the last light in an already overcast day. I still managed to capture some of the shimmer, but due to my rushing I didn't actually do a brush clean up around the cuticles, and the lotion makes my hands look sooo shiny.

First I painted the tips on freehand, using a pale lavender franken, then painted the whole nail in two coats of Nicole by OPI Count On Me (teeny tiny pinkish blue flaky). After that was all dry I used Konad image plate #m45 and China Glaze Avalanche (a purple metallic), Then I used a fine brush and Revlon 340 Ocean for the definition line (that extended 3/4 of the way across each tip, leaving a small undefined section to the pinky side of each tip).

I also used Revlon 340 Ocean to stamp the flower (bm02) on the pinky side of each nail, sort of half on the tip. I did clean up the excess green that landed on my cuticles, but that's the extent of the clean up I did. I used a little nail glue to adhere a dark purple rhinestone to the center of each flower, before covering everything with a good coat of Seche Vite.

I just want to make it known that I am in LOVE with Nicole Count on Me. I just want to slap a coat of it over EVERYTHING. Also. I wish I could eat it.

Okay. I go now. :P



  1. I really like that. It's so pretty!

  2. super pretty! i need to start experimenting more with more than one stamp image.

  3. These are super awesome girl! Love your color choices. Both the daughter and I love these.

  4. these are so pretty. I like a lot. Nice good on the stamping. I'm jealous...i want long nails again so i can do french tips

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Cheers Rebecca! Oh I hope you do! It's soo much fun.

    Anita! Thanks so much! I'm glad you both dig them! I'm a big fan of purple and green together. Lilac and sage green were my wedding colours.

    alikat I totally recommend prenatal vitamins! One a day and it seems to be working for me! I haven't had nails this healthy in forever. And thanks too!

  6. This is simply stunning! Great job~

  7. LOL I like your last comment about slathering it on top of everything. This looks so cute - and complicated! Great job.

  8. WOW super creative and beautiful! I may have to use this idea sometime soon!

  9. Gorgeous! Your designs are so inspirational!
    I have tagged you for the Kreativ Blogger Award x