Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rock n' roll Nail Art

Ooops I missed a challenge deadline! That's okay I had tons of fun with this manicure. Who doesn't love playing with pink and black and SPARKLES? :P

The other entries for Lacquerista's Rock n' Roll challenge are pretty awesome. If you have a minute you could go take a peek and vote!

Thanks for stopping by. I'll try and get better photos of this manicure in tomorrow's light and update. Providing it survives another night of weaving!



  1. lol, i've done that before. thanks for sharing it anyways. it's really cute, especially your thumb with the wavy lines.

  2. WOW. Totally rocker-chic. I've always loved pink and black together. And you really bedazzled the design!~ Awesome job!


  3. i like the sparkles against the pink! i think that color would be a kickass franken ;)

  4. Love it. Looks so good. I'm envious of your brush strokes and detail. Nice pic montage ...what did you use?

  5. That looks so cool! I love the colours and it looks so detailed... *w*

  6. Enamel Girl: That's my favorite one too! It's actually an attempt to reproduce the band's insignia, but I wound up not being able to get all the letters in properly. I will try and take a better, closer picture of the thumb today.

    Lindsay: Me too! I couldn't help but gem them up! rhinestones and rock stars totally jive!

    Grace! Hihi! :) So now I totally have to try a hot pink franken with holographic sparkles.

    Thrishza: :D Iknowright? <3

    ABOP: *blushies* Thanks <3 I was all contorted while trying to do my thumb. Craning my neck with my tongue stuck to my ear, trying to get the letters just right. :)

    Alikat: Thankyou! See above to ABOP. :P You might have choked on your tea if you'd seen me. I used the band insignia for my thumb and the song lyrics to "Pink" to inspire some of the other images, like the cherries and the flamingo. Can't have rock n roll without rock STARS. :P

    Banana:Thankyou :) <3

  7. Hi, JQ! :)

    I love the flamingo silhouette. It reminds me of Las Vegas. Does that make sense?

  8. What great detail, it's just too fun! I'm busting a gut reading your description of you working on your thumb. :)

  9. These colors just scream rock star, sorry you missed the deadline!

  10. Rins: Vegas nails! Now that would be a fun theme! Woot!

    Anita: True story. :p

    Freshie: Me too but there'll always be another one. I'm hoping to get something in For Your Nails Only 's Christmas challenge though. :)

  11. Superb mani! I absolutely love the idea and the result! gorgeous!

  12. Very pretty I like the color combo! ;)

  13. This is super super cute! <3<3


  14. wow!! dear love it… truly inspiring love hot pink & black together....
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