Saturday, November 13, 2010

For Your Nails Only's Christmas Challenge-Voting!

Hi everybody! Sorry I've been so sparse with my entries, but I'm making tons of progress on the crafting front, which is great considering the sale is on the 27th!

Anyways, onto the mani! This is my submission for Tara's Christmas themed nail art contest at For Your Nails Only. We had top pick one of our favorite things about the Christmas season and translate that into a nail design, the stipulation being that some element of the nail art should be hand drawn. :)

I had a lot of fun making these! I just took a gander at all the entries and they are so fantastic! Some people went really all out on the hand drawing and the results are so cool! If you want to vote you have to be a follower of For Your Nails Only, and fill out the voting form. Even if you don't plan to vote I encourage you to head on over and check out the gallery!

Have a great weekend everybody!

PS: Oh Rins! I LuuuuRV your Christmas Prezzie manicure! :) :)


  1. Hi, JQ!

    Your P.S. made my day! Thank you!

    You mani reminds me of winter which we don't have here in the Philippines! We only have 2 seasons, sunny and rainy! And so, yes, I haven't experienced snow, which I'd really love to experience one day. :)

    Good luck on the contest!

  2. i can't believe the Christmas season is almost here. you did a great job with your mani!

  3. This is beautiful! Well done! Damn I love Christmas!!

  4. Rins! You are welcome! I hope to give that look a try later in the season just for fun because it is simple in execution but so very effective. And totally cute.

    Enamel Girl: Iknowright? I have to get on the Christmas shopping pronto! Thanks!

    Domestic Goddess: Thank you so much, and I am totally on that bandwagon. The whole season is such a wonderful high, and for the most part everyone is cheerful and in the spirit of giving and loving one another. It's contagious. I wish it would last all year round.

  5. love this mani.. well done.. ur very creative... I wish I am good like u when it comes on free hand design..

  6. Thanks Thriszha, your compliment means a lot to me because I always admire your strong sense of colour and design on your nails. Some day I hope to have nice long nails and try some of your lovely designs. <3