Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cosmic Sparkles

Greetings Jellybeans!

This manicure started with 2 coats of L'Oreal Luminescence (a rich dark purple with subtle shimmer). I didn't really know what I was going to do next!

Then I wondered what it would look like with my favorite polish: Nicole by OPI's Count on Me, so I painted 2/3 of my nail vertically, leaving a stripe of the original polish showing to the pinkie side of each nail. Then as an after after thought I painted over the thumb side 1/3 of each nail with one of my Claire's flakies.

I tried and tried to capture the total awesomeosity of this manicure, but my camera failed. :( Imagine it with a shimmery intense fuchsia and royal blue and the little flakies really seem to float at different depths, refracting the light in an array of colours. It was so pretty I just stared at them constantly.

A few days back I discovered another cool cosmic manicure by You Nailed It! and her photos really captured that nebula effect! Definitely go take a peek cause it's wicked awesome.

There was SO much more fuchsia shimmer in these than the photos show off. :P

Okay that was quite a few pics for me. I usually like to keep it short and sweet but this one...I just couldn't decide so you got them all.

Just a shout out about my 200 Follower giveaway, in case you haven't had a chance to enter. Still plenty of time left though! :) Good luck everyone!


  1. Stunning! Some really nice layering there :)

  2. awesome! i need to look up Count On Me on it's own!

  3. Your mani looks AMAZING! Claire's flakies, eh? I like those alot!

  4. Thanks Charlotte! <3

    Nail Buff: Thankya! I've really been enjoying the layers lately. I think I'd probably enjoy those CND Effects polishes.

    rebecca, It's like unicorn spit. Or cotton candy for your nails. Something gauzy and full of baby blue and pink when it's alone. I used it on my french here. I only used one coat so it's barely visible! This reminds me I forgot to post another fancy french that used Count on Me for! :)

    Gottwinkies: Yep I got a little pack of 6 minis at Claire's that are transparent tinted polishes with these flakies in them. Fabulous for layers!


  5. Oh, this is SO cool - and one I might actually be able to work with haha! Or something similar. Most of your amazing nail art, I just don't have the talent to do - but I have some similar stuff, so I think I could try this.

  6. nicee:)!