Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bundle Monster/Kiss haul and NOTD...

Hooray! I got my Bundle Monster image plates in the mail yesterday! 21 new image plates for bazillions of hours of manicure fun!


And while we were shopping for groceries I spied this (sorry it's a bit blurry! Too much coffee this morning). It's called Kiss Nail Artist. It comes with three polishes with nice long skinny brushes. Silver sparkle, black and white. Nice and basic! There were 30 different nail stencils in the box so I'll have to give those a try too. :)

I also picked up my first glass file today. OH. MYGOD. I love it. Now I understand what all the rage is about. I hastily threw out the packaging but I think it's from Sally Hansen. Cost 10 bucks at the dept store.

And now for my NOTD (nail of the day--I just figured that out :p).

I was inspired by Lucy's Stash's new blue and silver manicure. I just love how the metallic polishes work so groovy with the image plates. HAD to use the spiderwebs. :)

I used Revlon Top Speed #730 Royal for the base colour, then stamped the webs and spiders on using BM plate #13 and Sally Hansen CHROME Crystal.

Then I used a few orange rhinestones for the abdomens of the spiders. Top coat and voila!

Thanks so much for coming to check out my blog! I'll be in MANI PANIC for awhile now. With all these new design possibilities it'll be a struggle not to change my nail designs more than once daily!

<3 JQ


  1. OMG, now I sighted! I love whole design, it looks amazing! Great inspiration!

  2. Lucisek: Thank you! I look forward to seeing more of yours too! Cheers chika!

  3. this is so cool! really nice design =)

  4. very cool! reminds me of Halloween :)

  5. Thanks ladies! I'm feeling weak like any minute I could take it off and try my next mani. :P I just can't wait to try something else.

  6. I LOVE this mani. You did an excellent job and interpretation.