Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dollarama/Michaels Haul and a Mani of Course! (PICS!)

I got everything in the below except the dotting tool and the polymer clay at one of the local Dollaramas. A buck a piece! Pretty good deal. :) (all prices are CAD):

The dotting tool was a $2.50 purchase at Michaels. Oh Michaels! How I wish I was full of dough so I could buy more of the WAY COOL stuff in your scrapbook/card making section and use it all for my nails. :P The stickers are fairly small and sticky, so I'm hopeful that they will work, especially the ones that don't have a lot of fine pointy bits. Oh well for a dollar each these two sheets were worth it just to try.

The polymer was the cheaper variety from Michaels as well. I am very curious about these Fimo logs and since I love a crafty project I want to start making my own unique ones. If I can generate enough interest I might even sell some (OR have a giveaway of my very own?), although Bundle Monster has a pretty sweet deal on them. :D

And these groovy little sticky rhinestone sets are probably meant for scrapbooking or something, but I think I could use them on my nails. They provide a bit of variation in size so I can combine them with the stones in the wheels I bought. They are on sale at Michaels for I think $1.50 but I was glad I passed them up, because I found them for 1$ a piece at Dollarama, and there were like a bazillion colours, plus several colours of pearls which you can see to the right. I only got two neutral ones. I made a real mess going through the rack! :P But I'm a tidy gal. I cleaned it all up.

last but not least I got a few more wheels for a dollar each. I can't tell ya how much I am in love with that store right now! OOOh RETAIL THERAPY !


FINALLY time for the mani.

I was inspired by Blue Tape and Nail Tips' ND6: Shooting Star (I just found her blog recently and I like it there!) so this was my mani project from a few days ago:

I used two coats of an olive green franken that has a wee bit of gold shimmer in it for the base. I didn't use tape as I wanted my shooting star tails to curve around my tips. It was a good excuse to break out the Art Deco and play. :)

I outlined where I wanted the tail of the shooting star to curve in the Art Deco fuchsia sparkle, then filled it in using my Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear Strobe Light. I finished it off with an iridescent star sticker (from above haul. Worked quite well, although I had a bit of trouble getting all the little tippie-bits to stick down) and a couple coats of Seche Vite.

Thanks Blue Tape & nail Tips for a lovely inspiration. Her Shooting stars are pretty full of awesome so you should definitely check them out!

Okay Okay I'm signing off! I'll be posting today's mani plus a pic of my first polymer clay project-- citrus fimo logs--either tonight or tomorrow morning!

Thank you all so much for popping by! I scrolled down and realized that I have 29 followers already! WOW! Thanks for all the support. <3 <3



  1. Oooh I love all those things you bought! :D

  2. Thanks guys! I'm insanely stoked to try all this new stuff, but I really like today's mani (which I'll post in the morning) SO much that I don't want to take it off!


  3. Wow! You really scored at your local Dollar Store! The only time I've been to mine, I didn't find any nail stuff, but I'm starting to see other craft stores (like Michael's!) may have good nail stuff (like that dotting tool!), so thanks for sharing your finds. Also wanted to mention I love the nail design you did. Thanks for the link - I'm glad you tried the design. :) You're definitely more adventurous than I am, the first time I tried the shooting stars, I tried to have curved tails for the stars, and it didn't look too good on me. But your design looks fabulous! Can't wait to see more of your great manicures!

  4. Cyan-You are welcome! :) I still think your shooting stars look prettier! More like ACTUAL shooting stars because they shoot straight. :)

    I find so much cool stuff in the craft section vs the nail section of any box store. I have my eye on Martha Stewart's card making supply section at Michaels. CRAZY. She's got these 24 packs of vials filled with varieties of sparkles, and those little round bullion bead things. I am stoked. :)