Sunday, September 12, 2010

Craft Paint as Polish?

I read somewhere that you can use craft paint as long as you use a base coat and seal it after with a topcoat. If you don't seal it after then the paint will wash off when you get your hands wet. Also it was recommended that a topcoat be re-applied every other day to preserve the artwork. My manis never last that long before I wig out and change it up. :)

Owls have been popping up in various communications I've had recently. Also I watched the new Clash of the Titans, but I'm an old school clash fan. I noticed they brought back the clockwork owl for all of five seconds in the new one. It made me giggle. A friend tweeted a picture of fake fluffy white owls all lined up on a store shelf and began referencing our all time favorite movie ever: Labyrinth. :) So I thought I'd try painting owl inspired nail art.

I was impressed with the craft paint. It has me super excited because I have like umpty-billion colours of it down in my basement. Yay hours more fun with my nails and I don't have to spend another dime! Here's a slightly blurry photo of the owl on my thumb. I apologize but both the weather and my camera were uncooperative today.

And this is a quick shot of my piggies. Tim Burton Style. :P

I'll be back again tomorrow to post further explorations with craft paint.

Hearts off the charts!

PS: "You remind me of the babe." :P


  1. Oh, I would have never thought to try that! Your owl design is really cool but I especially LOVE the Tim Burton toes. Go figure ;)

  2. Thanks Nicole! I have several Tim Burton themes I want to try especially now that I've discovered this craft paint thing. It means I can mix colours on a palette and treat them like my acrylics. They don't dry up on the palette as quickly as polishes do, but they dry fairly fast on the nail. :p

  3. Teehee, cute toesies :) Tim Burton is one of my favorite people EVER!

  4. Danielle: Mine too! I'm a total die hard actually. I'll forgive him about anything because I find his work very romantic and visually delicious!

  5. 1. HOOOOOOO Your owls are great! Much love there!

    2. The Tim Burton piggies also remind me of Amanda Palmer/Dresden Dolls. It's a similar aesthetic, I suppose.

  6. So do you prefer the craft paint over nail polish or does it just depend? Also, does the paint last longer than nail polish?

  7. Whoa..... Thats gnarly as crap. Good job!!!!!