Monday, September 13, 2010

Art Deco Mani

This manicure was inspired by the first image. I associate teals with that style. :P I did use craft paint for the teal, but you could do this mani equally as easy with polish. I'm just on a mission to experiment with the craft paint as much as possible.

Anyways onto the pictures. There are a few of them!

Base color Wet n' Wild French White Creme
Craft paint for the teal half moons
Kiss white striper polish for the line work on top of the half moon.
Emerald green rhinestones.
Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear Going Green along the outside of each teal half moon.

My best nail is my left thumb of course! There's more room and I'm painting with the right hand.

Okay that's all for today. I'm not sure what's next on my list. I have a few ideas bubbling. :P