Sunday, September 19, 2010

Polish Haul & Floral Mani

Hello all!

Yesterday the hubby treated me some great polishes! We went to the mall and I found a Claire's (first time in forever I've been in one and back then I wasn't really polish hunting). It took me a lot of humming and hawing before I finally picked four polishes. I wound up with Black Hole, and Snowball because I use black and white so much and am almost out of my Wet n' Wilds. While I was at it I got a grey one called Rain Drops, and a lavender colour called Tiger Lily--is that a weird name for purple to anyone else?

We also hit up the London Drugs, because Alikat was kind enough to point me in the direction of a sale on Seche Restore. Thank you Alikat! I have never had a polish thinner before so this will be fun. I also picked up a bottle of Seche Vite--YAY! and found just one colour of Essie called Lacquered Up on sale for 99cents (CAD). Woot! It's a pretty nice red for me. My pictures don't do these any justice.

And so yesterday I was compelled to take off my Jealous Hearts mani and use as many of my new polishes as possible. I decided I would try the toothpick flower technique for the first time. Love it!

I began with a base coat then applied two thin coats of Rain Drops. I placed several dots of each colour (Black Hole, Snowball, and Lacquered Up) in a circle/semi-circle on my nail, then waited for them to get tacky. I used a toothpick to draw lines from the center of each dot towards the middle of the flower. Then I placed rhinestones in the center of each one.

Topcoat (Seche Vite this time!) and Voila! Black/red/grey/white floral mani!

Happy Sunday!




  1. Very cool! I have a big bottle of thinner from Sally's but at this point it's almost out - I'm due to pick up some more. That stuff comes in handy!

  2. OMG, I love this design! Really cute..well done!

  3. Nicole: I have a funny feeling the next time around I'll be buying a big bottle. :P

    Lucisek: Thank you so much! It was pretty easy compared to drawing straight lines etc with my stripers on the past few manis. I got a bit of a break. :P

    2. I love your flowers. They're very 70's deco. But in un-70's colours. Dig?

  5. Ohhhh I love the design you did on your nails! I really like the color combo! Red an gray look amazing together. Very good job :)

    Can't go wrong with 99cent Essies! Nice find!

  6. Wow, I love this design and the colors look great, your freehand toothpick designs are really good, here i thought it was a plate from your bundle monster. I'm going to have to try this sometime.

  7. Antiphrastic: IKNOWRIGHT? Definitely 70's. it gave me an idea for a neato mani based on an old 70's fabric. I'll try it soon.

    Cheers April! So glad you dig it. :P

    Tasha: Yes! When I saw the price tag I knew it was coming home with me. :P And I am truly enjoying the red/grey or red/silver combos.

    Alikat: Thank you! You should totally give it a try. I'll see if I can find a tutorial if you haven't seen one yet. It's pretty neat.

    Thanks for all the comments guys!

  8. wow I love this! very nice work :)

    I saw tiger lilly and rain drops and Claire's and contemplated purchasing but I wanna wait till they go on sale ;)

  9. Danielle: Thankya!

    These were buy one get a 2nd one 1/2 off. :)

  10. cute laquers! And great design <3

  11. Nice design girl:-D
    Thanks for dropping by my site.. or i wouldnt hv discovered ur awesome blog:-D

  12. Nailgalore: For sure! I am fairly new to this nailblog world but I am trying to explore and find new people! :) Cheers!

  13. Me too JQ! Again.. nice web-meeting you:-)

  14. I am IN LOVE with the gray color with flowers design. I NEED to get a gray polish, so I can try it out!~