Saturday, September 4, 2010

Show a little skin...

My fingertips are pulling on their lacies...

This is a peachy franken I made with like a billion mostly used up old nail polishes. Seriously the mutt of polishes. In fact. I dub it Mutt. :D

I then used Konad special polish in White and BM#16 to make the stamp. I stamped diagonally across the each nail because although they seem to be meant to cover the whole nail the Bundle Monster images are a fair bit smaller than the Konad ones, which are still practically too small for my big fat nails! :)

I took my new Kiss white striper polish and drew the lines across where the pattern meets the solid polish. I Randomly placed a clear rhinestone on each nail and finished with a top coat! Voila!

Hope everyone is having a splendiferous labor day weekend. :)

<3 JQ


  1. hi!
    i just found your blog and it's really cute!
    maybe if you have time you'll pass by mine and follow me :)


  2. Absolutely! Thanks for the invite and for stopping by!