Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Revlon Matte Suede!

I was visiting Lacquerized the other day and was thrilled to see a swatch of the Revlon Matte Suede Ruby Ribbon polish. If you haven't been you should check out her blog because it is one of the best. Lots of great tips for nail care as well as BEAUTIFUL photos. Anyways I fell in love with the Ruby Ribbon polish as soon as I saw her photos. I thought to myself that if I saw it in the department store it would be mine. :) Well I did and lo and behold there were three other colours available too. Do you think I could say no? :P

Say hello to Emerald City, Ruby Ribbon, Fire Fox, and Powder Puff.

Application was pretty awesome, but I needed three coats of Fire Fox and four coats of Powder Puff to get good coverage. Still the Powder Puff one was not quite opaque enough for my liking. I'm slowly getting the hang of my little camera. I'm pretty pleased with my photos!

Fire Fox has a lustrous shimmer and is a slight blue undertones. Sorry about my dry dry skin! I've been mucking around dying wool for mittens. Also I think I might have to file my nails down to nubbies again because my pointers are quite damaged.

Powder Puff is sort of reminds me of pearls. It has a bit of a blue shimmer in it.

Here's Ruby Ribbon. Sorry the Ruby Ribbons are a bit blurry! I was taking the photos with my left hand and it was a challenge!

If you love the Ruby Ribbon colour here, you MUST check out Lacquerized's beautiful photo of it on her blog. The link is at the top of this entry. Her photos put mine to shame!

And last but certainly not least Emerald City! I think you can tell from the photos that this one is my favorite!

Absolutely gorgeous deep blue green with just a bit of emerald shimmer. LOVE!

Thanks for stopping in,
<3 JQ


  1. the white one looks very interesting, way better than I thought it would :)

  2. I am so hoping these make their way across the border soon--or I'm going to have to take a little trip. :)

  3. Danielle: I really like the way the white one looked. It was my #2 fave of the bunch.

    Karen: A little trip to Canada never hurt anyone! But it is rather silly that the US doesn't have them when Canada does. I had always been under the impression that whatever we had the US had cooler! :P

  4. Hello, just joined your other followers :) I love the green Revlon polish, it looks like OPI's Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede :)

  5. Thanks for joining! :) I freaking love how OPI names their polishes. I am AKA the Pundroid so I could pretty much put ALL OPI polishes on my wish list just for the names. You Don't Know Jaques is one of my superlemmings right now.