Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm all organized. It feels Groovy.

I got a fantastic tool box for 10 bucks today, and I couldn't wait to get it home and round up all my polish. It fits all my other nail things as well, except my remover, which is too tall. You can see my Konad, rhinestones, pedicure kit, nail pen, toothpicks, cotton wipes etc here:

And of course all the polishes underneath. BTW my crying fit a few days back? Sheepish!!! because once I got all my polishes in the same place I realized I have been over dramatic. I still have PLENTY of polishes, though I really need to get my hands on a bottle of thinner.

This is a nifty pedicure set I got today for 6 dollars. Tried out the clippers and they seem sharp.

The new polishes I procured yesterday. Bit blurry but the colours are pretty accurate. The Ardene nail polishes are all neon and don't have names. The Wet n Wilds are from front to back: Blue Moon (navy), Sunny Side (orange), and Night Prowl (a sort of fuschia sparkle in a black base).

These are my nubbies. Glaze Craze was just lamenting her shorty nails the day before I went to the park with my boy and totally tore both my pointer nails! Arg! But on the plus side I get to try growing them out again with a more squared shape instead of the ovals I had before. Anyway there are tons of cute things to do with shorties. :)

Here is my first nubby mani:

I used 2 coats of the Wet n Wild Sunny Side for the base, and tipped it with the Blue Moon. Then drew a line with my brush up one side of each nail just left (or right on my right hand) of center. Where it joins the tip I placed an orange rhinestone.

Closer...sorry I am still having issues with my camera.

And one more for good measure :P

That's it for that but I'd like to post a link to yet two more giveaways while I am at it. I will try to set up a separate page for these entries next month. Please go see Oh My Polish and sign up! Her blog is full of fun nail ideas!
And check out Magic Maid's superfantastic polish giveaway too!

Last but certainly not least Polish Hoarder Disorder has posted the latest Challenge Gallery for last week's challenge: Just the Tips!

Cheers everyone!
<3 JQ


  1. that's a really cute mani you've got there! and i see that you're making the most of your nubbies! :)

  2. I like the nubbies!! That's how i tend to keep my nails. Nice and short. Mainly because i wear contacts, but also because once i get to a certain length my nails start to peel. Also, just the way my nail shape is, even when short they still look long. Lucky me i hear. :)


  3. Hi Naomi!!! :P Thanks for dropping by! <3