Sunday, August 8, 2010

Better Photos!


So, as promised I've already been looking into how to take better photographs.

Here are a few shots of my nails using the Macro setting on my camera. Really JacQueline. How hard is it to read one little blurb in your manual? :P

Many thanks to Laquerized for her blog post about How to Photograph Your Nails. These tuned out WAY better already, saving for my cuticles which need some serious TLC. :)

And I have a lot of trouble with layering coats of polish and still getting them to dry properly. I also experienced some bubbling with the water marbling. Is that normal? It could be because I can't afford to buy/can't find around town any of the nicer polishes that are often shown on other nail blogs. Or maybe my polishes are getting too old? I may have to start pocketing my coffee fund and ordering polishes online, but this month I'm using my coffee fund to order 21 nail image plates from Bundle Monster. :) :) slowly but surely.


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