Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two New Manicures

Hello Beauties!

This first mani is what I wound up with on Monday after several failed attempts. I used Rimmel#331 Speed Date for the red base and then stamped using Konad Special Polish in White with Plate M65. Then I french tipped them using Wet and Wild Black Creme, put a few white dots and added some lines and square rhinestones. I'm still trying to get a handle on line work. I find it exceptionally difficult using my left hand. I need to invest in a good brush or maybe a decent nail art pen.

And this is the mani I am wearing now:

I used one coat of Rimmel Lycra Nail Tip Whitener with a coat of Nailene French Manicure over top. The Nailene is a thinner polish so it gave me a nice finish over the thicker Rimmel. Once that was dry I used the water marbling technique with Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength in Chocolate Kiss (which is actually the red-pink), Pure Midnight, and one from their Chrome line called Crystal.

Then I used Konad plate m60 to stamp the daisies randomly where the spaces would allow. I used both the black and white special polishes to do this.

I dribbled a little of my new Cover Girl holographic Nailsparkle Topcoat called Disco Dazzle onto a plate and picked out the larger sparkles with a toothpick, placing one in the center of each flower. I finished with a topcoat. By far it isn't the smoothest mani I've ever had but I really enjoy the way the Chocolate Kiss melded with the Chrome and created a pretty pink sparkle. I might even have to try my first franken. :P

I found those Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes to be very thin when applied as a straight polish. You need like 4 plus coats to get a nice coverage from the Chocolate Kiss, but they work super well for the marbling as they are thin and drip off the brush fast, spreading quickly on the surface of the water. The marbling technique is really only successful if you can do it FAST.




  1. I love marble mani's!
    Like the colours

  2. I'm a big fan of the marbled manicure you've done here. The first one is pretty, but a little busy for my tastes.

    That second one, though. MAN. I wish I could get you to do my nails RIGHT NOW.


  3. Awe! I wish too. :) Some time we will have a chance.

  4. This looks lovely