Monday, August 9, 2010

Purple and Green #2

I call these colour entries Sarah's Picks. Sarah's my bestest and I think she has a knack for colour combinations (ones that I might not normally pick myself). It just so happens that we agree wholeheartedly on the hotness of purple and green. A variation of this combo became my wedding colours (eek 6 years ago this Saturday?!) I haven't put a topcoat on these yet, as they were still a bit soft last night. So as I sometimes do, I went to sleep with my hands out beside the fan. :p

I am always sad when I think about how her and I are halfway across the blinkin' country from each other, because I would love to be able to do crafty, artsy, primp-y things together.

For these nails I used the water marbling technique, with Rimmel Lycra Nail Tip Whitener as a base, and Icing's "Grooving Green", and "Grapetini", in combination with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Green With Envy"for the marble.

I finished off with a daisy stamp from my Konad plate m60 using the Special Polish in white. Also I played around with the NotsoSpecial polishes and discovered that the Grapetini works great especially against a lighter background. These Icing Neons are really thick and I had trouble dropping them into the cup quickly enough to do the marbling properly. Plus they set quicker than other polishes in when they hit the surface of the water. Needless to say I wound up with gobs on some of my nails. :s

Over all I am digging this look!

Have a splendiferous day!
<3 JQ

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  1. You're really good at the water marbling technique! I've seen some of your other posts where you used water marbling, and they're all fantastic! I tried it once, didn't turn out too well, lol. But I guess practice makes perfect.
    I'm gonna add you to my Blog Roll so I can keep check on your posts. :)