Sunday, August 22, 2010

Guest Manis!

Ben's neon mani!

We used a Wet n' Wild "Black Creme" base colour, and Konad plate# m65 with the special polish in white. Afterward we took ICING "Grooving Green", and my neon yellow and orange Ardene polishes and sponged them on top of the whole nail. This slightly altered the colour of the black as well. Topcoat and VOILA!

And Ben's Girlfriend Jenna told me I had free reign, but that her fave colour was orange. This is what we came up with:

I LOVE this mani. Sorry the below shot is a bit blurry. Ben was showing me how to trick my camera into getting closer shots, but I'm still learning. We used Wet n' Wild "Sunny Side Up" for the base colour, sponged on a gradation using my neon orange Ardene polish as the mid range and Rimmel Lycra Wear 10 "Tequila Sunrise" for the dark orange tips. Using Konad plate #s6 we stamped this groovy pattern on. I added some baby blue rhinestones which really punched out on the orange. The photos don't do them justice. Topcoat and VOILA!

In this shot of Jenna and my manis together you can see a bit better how the rhinestones popped against the orange. Still not super accurate though!

And a few shots of my mani that I did when I was waiting for them to arrive. It reminds me of licorice:

STILL a bit fuzzy. And my hands are super dry. Ick!

The best close up I have of a single nail. If I did this one again I'd use a coloured rhinestone instead of just a clear one.

So that's it for the guest manis I did this past Thursday. Instead of writing a completely new entry for today's mani, I'll just post a few pics here.

I loved Jenna's TigerTiger-ish mani so much that I just had to do a version on myself:

My topcoat bubbled quite a bit especially around the rhinestones. I guess I put it on too thick. :(

I used Wet n' Wild "Tickled Pink for my base colour, then sponged on Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength "Chocolate Kiss" and Avon "Cherry Jubilee". Using Konad plate #s6 I stamped the circle pattern on using special polish in black, then added my baby pink rhinestones, and finished with a topcoat!

One other guest mani done on my sister in law when she came to visit on Friday:

Blue sponge gradation using Toma (The colour wasn't on the bottle) and Revlon Top Speed "Royal". I stamped on the argyle using Konad plate #m60 and special polish in white.

Thanks for stopping in! I'll have a post tomorrow of my submission to the latest PHD challenge!



  1. You've been busy, wow! I love all of those, but I think Ben's is my favourite lol.

  2. Thanks! Ben is awesome. And now so are his nails! :)

  3. love all of them! especially your 'licorice' mani

  4. Arrrg, i love the one you did on Ben's lady. The pattern is rockin!! Heck, they all are!!


  5. I love boys and nail polish! Thanks for the super fun post! You can see my boyfriend's hilarious and frightening adventures with polish on my blog if you search for Will.

  6. I REALLY like the swirly one, reminds me of halloween :) Great blog by the way, found you though PHD's blog. looking forward to your upcoming posts :)