Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rose Mani

Hello everyone! I'm back after a wonderful week visiting with my parents. I never got online much during that time, and I didn't get a chance to really sit and play with polish either! But I have a few pictures of a recent manicure I did for a floral nail art challenge that the gals at Fab ur Nails and Art of Nail put on.

I think challenges are a ton of fun! They are a great way to get inspired. :)

I wanted to do a blue rose manicure inspired by some old wallpaper/fabrics. Hooray for turquoise and olive green!

To do them I painted two coats of Wet N Wild French White Creme for my base. Then I placed a few large dots of my Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear Blue Me Away! and smaller dots (slightly off center) of Revlon Royal on each nail. While they were tacky I used a toothpick to spiral the polish into a rose. I found a YouTube demo shortly after I finished this mani that would have made the process even neater. If you want to see how dot roses are made click here.

I used the same kind of technique with the leaves using an elongated dot for each leaf, and while it was tacky drawing down from the outside edge at an angle towards the center (twice on each side). Then I went in with my Art Deco royal blue sparkle and jazzed up the roses a little before applying my topcoat.

Thanks for dropping in! I have another post for the next Fab Nail Art challenge that I'll put up tomorrow, and then I should be caught up!



  1. Amazing roses! This manicure is super!

  2. This is so me, I love roses! Ths mani looks so elegant :)

  3. This post was incredibly helpful! And I love this design as well. I posted about this on my blog! :)

  4. Thank you rmcandlelight! <3

    Thanks Grace! <3 Super cool! I love your version too. I would use the word "darling". :)