Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's Rock With Numbers Entry

Greetings Jellybeans!

Well this month seems to be filled with manicures for challenges and competitions. It's been a lot of fun! Here is my entry for Parokeet's Let's Rock With Numbers challenge (for the Essence goodies).

I always find that any time I use rhinestones for my mani I spend so much time just running my fingertips over the bumps and eventually I just pick them right off. I thought it would be neat to do a rhinestone manicure based on the numbers 0-9 (the same as letters a-j) in the braille alphabet.

I used Claire's Snow Ball and Balck Hole for the base colours. Then I used my dotting tool to make six large dots in opposite colours on each nail. With a smaller tool I placed dots the same colour as the base on the "empty" braille spaces, then used rhinestones in the opposite colour as the base to create the raised braille.

Topcoat and voila!

I spent so much time running my fingertips over these. For the first time I could actually handle the sensation of all the rhinestones because they had a purpose. :) I didn't pick any off.

If you want to check out the other entries and possibly vote (There's a bit of a process involved. If you scroll down past the photo entries there's a link to the instructions) please click here!

Thanks again for stopping by. And thank you everyone for all the comments you leave. I've been trying to respond to each one!

Hearts off the charts,


  1. Looks fantastic and I hear you on the rinestone front I end up pickin them off too!

  2. Oh, I just love this idea, and the execution is spot on! (Pun only mildly intended....

  3. great design! rhinestones drive me nuts, lol. i can't get used to the texture on my nails.

    btw. thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog :)

  4. that's pretty cool and interesting :)

  5. Domestic goddess: Thankya! I never did wind up picking these ones off! :P

    Sarah: I love it when you turn a pun. :)

    Enamel Girl: Thanks! :D Oh you're so welcome. <3 I just had to gush over that manicure! Total WIN. :)

    Danielle: Cheers! I like the other manis that got submitted for this challenge as well. Each one was unique!

    <3 <3 Thanks everyone!

  6. Lol! When I first saw the photos I thought - "Cool, dominoes!" So I sure felt silly when I read Braille. Dominoes are number-related too (giggle). Those look like so much fun to touch.

  7. ABOP: They totally look like dominoes! The black and white sure doesn't help! *LOL*