Saturday, October 16, 2010



Just a quick post of the latest goodies. :) I received a gift card for London Drug from my super awesome sister in law for my birthday and lo and behold London Drug had a sale on Sinful Colors! Score! :)

Using the gift card I also got a Sally Hansen nail strengthener and a bottle of polish thinner. Thanks so much to my sis! <3 Funtastic colors! I feel thoroughly spoiled!

In the above shot is a Nubar grapefruit cuticle oil, which I picked up along with the "Pardon My French" Color Club collection at Winners! Thank you to Danielle at Polish Obsessed for giving me a heads up about this sweet deal. The package of seven polishes was only $12.99 Canadian!

I usually paint my nails all up, then stamp them up and wear it for a day or so. Because of my eczema I don't like to swatch and remove and swatch etc. Too much pain ensues. :) However I'll be taking a picture of the plain polished nails each time before I stamp them, and compiling them in a folder. Then I'll do a couple swatch posts.

Cheers everyone!


  1. Waah! They sell Colo(u)r Club at Winners?! This is madness!!

    Excellent haulage!!

  2. Thanks for mentioning me and my blog :)

    I'm glad you found some color clubs! What other collections did they have at your Winners?

  3. Dollface: !!! :P Still so excited!

    Delaynee: They do! But alas it was the last one! I am keeping an eyeball on Winners from now on though. I'll let you know if I see anything else!

    Danielle: Oh you're most welcome! After I saw your post I was on a MISSION. :P

    No other ones! :( In fact I picked up the very last box of this one. But they did have some Seche products and a few Nubar nail care etc.

  4. You bought my acid green! I love that colour with the intensity of the Joker's vat of mutating ooze.

  5. Sarah: ME TOO! At least in the bottle I do. I'm pretty sure I'll love it on as well. I haven't tried it out yet but soon...