Friday, October 29, 2010

All Tied Up...

Hi everyone!

I hope to be back later today or tomorrow to post my entry for the FabNailArt Challenge, but for now I'm just leaving a note to say I'm still here! For anyone who doesn't know I am also big into the fibre art/craft scene. Anything handwork and I'm hooked. Knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, felting, tapestry, rug hooking. Basically I'm all over the place with it. :p But the local guild I am a part of is having a sale at the end of November and I am currently preoccupied trying to work up a selection of product. Between Halloween and Christmas the posts might dwindle a little. 'Tis the Season yaknow? Requests are coming in from friends and family for handmade presents! :)

When my husband and I lived out in the country we had 7 alpacas. I learned so much about taking good care of my fluffy buddies. They were oodles of cute. And as an added bonus once a year I got all this fluffy fibre to spin into wool. Below is some of my hand spun alpaca (from Airo). The outside ones are dyed after spinning using Indigo.

My fibre blog is in need of some serious TLC. I've been neglecting it! I want to spend some quality time making it over and uploading some photos of current projects. I have my big floor loom in commission for the very first time. It looks so amazing out in the middle of my studio laden with colourful thread. I'm doing a line of crocheted sculptural jewelry which I hope to be showcasing very soon as well.

So in a nutshell? I'm COMPLETELY STRUNG OUT. :P

Love Yas!


  1. COOL!!! I am into fiber arts & crafting too, are you on Ravelry?
    I'm currently on a sewing kick with project bags and aprons.

  2. Anita: I am on Ravelry although I haven't got much up there yet. :) I'm HeartsonFibre. :)I just cruised your profile and I have to say you and I need to be long distance chums. :)

  3. Chums it is! I'm memerrill on Ravelry.