Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello jellos!

I hope everyone had an excellent weekend. Here in Canada it was Thanksgiving so I'm at that place where I think I might never eat again. We have leftover pumpkin pie though, so I doubt that resolution will last too long. :p

I went back to that small town bargain store on the way out to visit family. I was checking for a new display of Art Decos but no luck. At the till my husband pointed and said "What about these other polishes?"

Say hello to my very first Sinful Colors. :)

They were 3 dollars each and I think for Canadian prices that's not bad at all, considering the London drug had one SC polish for sale at $2.99. In order from left to right they are called Fiji, Sugar Sugar, Bali Mist, and Opal Glitter.

I have a quick set of pics of my post Thanksgiving manicure:

I picked Figi for my base colour. It's a blue toned purple with a slight pink shimmer. All you see in these is the blue toned purple though. In RL you can see the pink tones as well, even in the daylight. It's overcast today so I'm sure that has something to do with it.

I stamped with bm image plate#'s 03, 06 and 15 using Sally Hansen Chrome in Crystal. I went in with my Cover Girl Sparkle Topcoat Disco Dazzle, picking up the large hex glitters and placing them int he centers of some of the flowers.

My nails are finally getting some lenth again, and I want to play with a few more halloween inspired manicures before I file them square and try to grow them out like that again. I haven't been having much luck with keeping my nails square but I know that has everything to do with how poorly I care for them. I've never used a strengthener before, and only recently began using base coats and worrying about staining. Now that I know about filing, and strengtheners etc I'm going to give this another shot. :)

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be posting my submission for the autumn inspired FNA Challenge soon!



  1. Oh I love Figi! Such a beauty! Great nailart, too :)
    I can't wait to see your swatches!

  2. very pretty colour, sinful colors is about the cheapest good nail polish you can get here, it's $7 at the pharmacy compared to $25 for OPI!

  3. I'm working on swatches for you Lois, but it may take awhile as I am taking a pic of the nails polished, then adding nail art and keeping it on for a day or so before changing polishes. But they're coming. :) Thanks I'm digging Fiji too, even though I tend to lose interest n polish if it takes more than 2 coats. I'm a tad lazy. :P

    Thanks ABOP! <3

    domesticgoddess: 25$!! Yikes! :( That's excruciating. I will have to think twice next time I balk at getting them on sale for 10$ CND. I thought that was still too high. I just found more Sinful Colors on sale for 3$CND each and bought 6 more with a gift card! So excited!

  4. PS: Sugar Sugar = LOVE! Posting that soon!

  5. I really like the Sinful Colors line. I have a few (black, white, and my acid green. I don't know the actual label names for them.)

  6. I think I have that acid green also..."Show Me The Way"?

    Thanks for popping by bella!

  7. wow, the stamping is beautiful, I thought it was a full nail design! very smart to combine different stamps for one full nail design :)