Friday, April 8, 2011

Blended argyle with GOSH Metallic

Happy Friday everybody!

Lately I've been playing with stamping using my GOSH Metallics over similar creamier base colours. ABOP left me a note last entry saying it would be cool to see some stamping with more than one colour on the plate. I had been thinking the same thing! I've seen some pretty awesome multi-coloured stamping around the blogs and I figured I'd give it a whirl!

I'm THRILLED with it! I decided I'd use a dark base so that I could really see the contrast this first time. For my base I used a frankened black Wet n' Wild that I made into a slightly shimmery charcoal grey. I don't own a single charcoal colour! What?? The closest I have is OPI My Private Jet and it's more brown-y, plus I thought the holo sparklies might detract from my pattern.

Left to right: Seche Clear, frankened charcoal colour, GOSH Metallic Green, Blue and Pink, Seche Vite. Konad Image Plate M60. I painted a coat of Seche Clear, then one thick coat of my frankenpolish (it was teh gooey but it dried fairly quickly), then dragged the brush from each GOSH metallic across the image horizontally first with pink, then blue, then green. When I scraped I did it in the same direction I brushed on the polish, and I did it a few times just to blend the colours together a bit. I stamped so that the pink is at my tips every time. Next time I want to try diagonal.

Once again with the scaly look. I DIG. It's fun because I'm trying for a very reptilian quality with the tapestry I am currently working on. It actually distracted me from weaving yesterday because I kept admiring how my nails looked next to the leaf of my rose at the lower left hand corner.

Here's a couple more shots of the polish outdoors and indoors. The colors are actually a bit deeper in reality so the transition is quite visible. I just can't get enough of it!

In the two shots where you can see my thumb, you can see that it gets a bit messy on the one side. Even the Konad full nail images are not wide/long enough for my thumbs. The tip and the right side I tried to stamp on a little extra and it's gibbled but from a distance it doesn't draw attention. :P

Thanks everyone for stopping by and I hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. simply amazing!..just wow!

    nice job!


  2. WOW! I just found out that Bundle Monster is releasing a new set of 25 plates in like 2 weeks and I'm like NOWWW! :D :D

  3. This turned out really nice!

  4. that is some pimped argyle ;)

  5. I love it! You're very talented with stamping, that design is gorgeus! :D

  6. Thanks gals! <3 I was sad to say goodbye to it but i have another fun one to post soon!

  7. Awesome manicure! Your nails are so nice & you are great at Konad! And YAY another Canadian Blogger!

  8. hey! thanks for posting about my giveaway and all that jazz!
    i noticed you were canadian so i had to pop over to your blog and follow you :)

    i love this look! i didn't know these were any good for stamping. i might have to have a look for some next time they're on sale!

  9. such a perfect stamping job :)

  10. Thanks Elizabeth! We're getting to be quite a force in the NB community! :) <3

  11. rebecca: Oh they are so awesome for stamping. I keep wishing metallic polishes like this came in a wider range of colours especially copper, rust, maybe like a charcoal type colour? Would be RAD. Thanks for coming to visit!

    Danielle: Awe thankya! I'm starting to feel more comfortable with the way the stamps go on, but still have trouble with a lot of images. I've used the argyle one a lot. :)