Saturday, April 23, 2011

Black and White Filigree and Joe Twilight

Hi everyone! Happy Easter!

Sorry I didn't wind up getting any Easter themed manicures done for this weekend, but I did continue to play with my stamps. I did this filigree manicure to match a black and cream outfit. That pic up top is a bit too blue, but the one below is more accurate. You can see where I dinged my middle finger, thinking my polish was dry enough to rifle through my bag. I was in a frantic hurry to get out the door to a critique and I should have given it just a few more minutes.

I used 3 coats of a frankened Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear White On, which I added several drops of yellow to get it to a more creamy colour. I stamped using GOSH Nero and image plate BM21, and had to double stamp every nail except my pinkies.

I am really REALLY excited about the new Bundle Monster plates! eee!

This is two coats of Joe Twilight over 1 coat of Joe Moss. I should have used one more coat of Moss underneath but it still looked good. Joe has a Matte top coat which I picked up the other day and have yet to try out. I also got a Joe metallic purple called Grape which I hope will stamp.

Joe is a Canadian brand of polish, available through Superstore.

Thank you everyone for stopping by and I hope you all have a good weekend with family or friends or chowing down on a huge chocolate bunny(that's me)-- however you roll through Easter!



  1. ooh i'm excited to find out how the purple Joe stamps!
    also i might pick up the flakie one next time i'm at dominion!

  2. Very pretty, you can't even tell that you double-stamped :)

  3. Very classy! I love this combo!

  4. Wow, your stamping it great, I can't even tell you had to double stamp. Mad skillzz! I'm totally lusting over your Joe flakies, they look positively yummy.

  5. Happy Easter! The black and white is so pretty! I ordered the new Bundlemonster plates too and hope the full size ones will be large enough for my all my fingernails this time...

  6. Wow love the Joe polishes!!! I hope they ship to the US .... or maybe I can get in a swap :D

  7. Both designs are gorgeus, you are so skilled in combinating different colors and beautiful patterns! :D

  8. Thanks everyone! :D Your notes are all so encouraging! I just ordered my new bundle monster set yesterday! YAYYY! More stamping fun!

    So far I am fairly happy with Joe, save that the bottles are small so I'm not getting as much bang for my buck as I'd like, but some of their colours are pretty unique and I dig that they have a matte top coat. I think I'll try to pick up a few extras of these for that giveaway thing I keep mentioning. :p No joke I am almost ready.

    Ahhh! I just scrolled down to my followers and realized I'm nearly at 175! OhmySQUEEE!Looks like I might be celebrating a 200 follower giveaway! Thanks you guys! <3

  9. Love the first, awesome double stamp. Couldn't even tell you double stamped until you wrote it. Congrats on almost reaching 200 followers. Oh i am lemming the bundle monster set, almost bought it today.

  10. I didn't even know that Joe made flakies!
    I'm going there today to see if they have it, so awesome!

  11. I love your nails! I really like the stamping, where do you order your equipment from?