Sunday, December 5, 2010


Happy Sunday! I'm a day late and it's more like a general winter themed mani rather than a Christmas themed one, but I'm diggin' it. :) When I go to my Christmas happy place it's almost always blue first.

Base colour: Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau
Sponge tips: Sinful Colors Love Nails and Revlon Top Speed Royal
Stamp polish: Sally Hansen Chrome Crystal
Image plate: BM14
Accents: I placed royal blue hex sparkles in the center of each snowflake and Cover Girl City Lights on areas around snowflakes for a little subtle glimmer.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. w0w.. i love it so much..we d0nt have winter here in ph but still i love winter lol my dream is to see a real sn0w flakes.. ü

  2. ritterbraten: Thanks! :)

    Thriszha: Thank you! Awe I hope some day you do see it because I just think snow falling is so beautiful. I used to love catching snow on a piece of black paper and examining each flake to see if they really were all different!

  3. I love the look of sponging! I really like the blue fading effect. And I also wish it snowed where I live, but it doesn't. But I've seen snow before. Just never any snowflakes. It would be awesome to see that. :)
    Beautiful design, as always!


  4. Linz: Thank you! Oh snowflakes are awesome, just not when they pile up in a hurry and make big fat drifts on my driveway that I have to shovel up. :)

    Sarah: Yeah! <3 Silver ones!

  5. I wouldn't mind snow so much if all I had to do was see it on your nails. :) Very pretty. I like blues for the holidays too.

  6. I love this! Your gradient is soooo perfect!