Thursday, December 2, 2010

80s Kisses


I'm sorry this post is very brief. It seems like things just won't calm down for us until after Christmas vacation. I had hoped to be able to set aside more time for the nail blogging, but as it is I spent a few hours on this mani yesterday and it was a bit too much time. I wound up botching my nails on my right hand because I thought it was dry enough. Oops. These were just taken this morning and even my left hand is a bit gummed. But I really like the effect and it reminded me how much I miss sponging. I think there'll be more of that through the holidays. As you can see winter is still having a drastic effect on my skin and cuticles. Ick.

I used Sinful Colors Cream Pink base colour, then sponged on SC Bali Mist at the tips. I stamped the kisses using BM02. The stamping polishes were Sally Hansen Chrome in Crystal and Konad Black Pearl.

Hopefully I'll have a new Christmas themed manicure on Saturday!



  1. Very excellent and very 80s - nice work!!

  2. Holy crap I am so in love with this mani! Your sponging colors look awesome together and the kisses match the theme perfectly!

  3. They´re super cute! :D The kisses are such a great idea!

    I tagged you at my blog, btw. ;)

  4. I like this! I'm actually tempted to pull out my plates and try that stamp...

  5. Mmwaa,mmwaa! To cute. Love the pink and purple

  6. OMG I just stumbled onto your blog and I love your designs and style!! I am def. going to try to recreate this design in the summer, ill make sure to link back when I post it<33

  7. these are sooooooo..... cool, how in the hell did you do them?