Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fun with Layered Stamps!


It's been a long time. Is there anybody still out there?
I made pretties!

Layered Bundle Monster stamps! 

2 coats pastel pink franken 
+ (LAC untitled neon pink + BM-416 Splatter)
+(Frankened grey + BM-017 Filigree)
+SH Insta-Dri Top Coat
= 1 Badass Mani

 The pink splatter is much brighter IRL, but I couldn't get my camera to capture it! 

And my new friend Aimee came over today for a play date --the kids played too.  ;p
I got to paint her nails with a pretty design and she said I could show it off here as well!   I am looking forward to many more nail art afternoons with her!

2 coats Billie Cosmetics white creme 
+ (China Glaze Sun Worshipper + BM-416 Splatter) 
+ (Frankened grey + Cheeky XL B Rings)
+SH Insta-Dri Top Coat
= 1 Badass Mani

I love Bundle Monster.  I used a plate from the CYO 2013 set and one of my all time faves from the newly revised original set. Both manicures were over stamped using a frankened charcoal grey.  I think I used a bottle of SH Insta-Dri Whirlwind White with several drops of Claire's Black Hole.  I don't remember what I did to make the pink franken. 

I'M SO EXCITED! Did you hear Bundle Monster is having another CYO nail plate competition? You can submit up to ten images that you would like to see on an image plate and see if any make the cut! 5 of my images were selected for the 2013 set!  I can't wait to try again this year!

Happy Painting!


  1. Awww...both manis are so cute! Love the color combos and the design used. Great choice indeed!

  2. I love both! Beautiful colors *--------*