Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You know you're a junkie when...

You know you're a nail junkie when you just can't stand the nakedness anymore and decide to paint your post-camping digits in the moving vehicle on the way home.  Not bad eh? AND I wanted RED.  Was I crazypants?  (the answer is: Yes. Always.)

To be fair I didn't do the stamping until we were parked outside of Princess Auto, while hubby took the elder boy in to do some shopping.  I also took that opportunity to do a bit of clean up, but I was thoroughly impressed with the turn out. I had my stamping station set up on the dashboard and the window rolled down.  Dude getting back onto his parked motorcyle beside me seemed quite amused by the display.

base: Seche Clear
nail color: 2 coats Klean Color 79 Light Red mini
stamp color: Klean Color 247 Peacock-a-Boo mini
stamp plate: Cheeky XL B
top: Seche Vite

What's on your digits?
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  1. I would have been like you for sure. It does drive me a little nuts having my nails naked for more than 2 days! Anyway great choice on the mani :)

  2. Awesome! Quite impressive for an on-the-go mani :)