Thursday, February 7, 2013

Acid Butterfly

Greeting fellow nail geniuses!

I was inspired by Dressed Up Digits'  rainbow water marble, which came from the tutorial by the incredibly talented and marvelous ProfessionalDQ and this manicure  by Chokoreto to produce my own version, which I have dubbed The Acid Butterfly. 

I have had oodles of trouble with water marbles in the past, but this one worked awesome!  I made sure to use filtered water that was room temperature, and the sheers were pretty runny which helped when I was making my bulls eye. OR it was pure magical coincidence that I managed this one.  ;p 

Sorrrrry!  My eczema is actually getting better now, but this manicure is from a week ago, and it was still bad then.  I know it's ugly, and the camera makes it uglier than it really is.  I would not have bothered photographing that hand but each nail was unique.

Base: L.A. Colors basecoat/topcoat

1 coat Sally Hansen HD4070-04 Hi-Def

Sponge gradient (moon to tip): 
Sally Hansen HD4070-04 Hi-Def, 
Sally Hansen HD4070-13 Resolution, 
Revlon 340 Ocean

Marble: SH Hard as Nails 4860-28 Black Out,
Finger Paints 806618 Merry Mistletoe

Dots applied after using SH Hard as Nails 300 White On

Topcoat: Seche Vite

I got nail mail yesterday and I am dying to show it off!  Working on the review post for it tonight.  MADE OF WIN.  

And that giveaway IS coming.  It's just that I've been away from the internets awhile.  I'm trying to familiarize myself with rafflecopter. The giveaway is actually getting bigger as time goes on and I find more cool stuff, which is ok...right? :P  

Happy Painting!



  1. Gorgeous! I've never seen a water marble combined with the butterfly wing motif, but it makes perfect sense! Well done! :D

    1. Thank you! I didn't either, but then I was wandering through some new blogs and saw Dressed Up Digits' mani and was like Oooooooooh!

  2. Your nails look incredible. I don't know why I'm so afraid to do a water marble :)

    1. :D I had a few okay ones when I first started blogging. I think my first manicure ever to post was a marble, but then I had epic fail after fail and got more into stamping. It was nice to come back to!

  3. Very beautiful! You can make it as abstract as you like ~

    1. Yesss. Far too many color combinations to try. :) Thanks Freshie!

  4. This looks beautiful!! I really like "jazzed up" water marbles!!

  5. These are simply (or not so simply) gorgeous! The color combo is spot on! Makes me want to grab some polish and water, which doesn't happen often since every water marble I have tried has been a fail. Thanks for the inspiration!