Saturday, February 12, 2011

Black and White and Valentine Manis

Hi everybody! I got tired of trying to get ALL my guest manis together for a couple big posts and decided that I'll just lob one guest manicure pic in with my current manicure posts. That way I can go fetch them one at a time and it doesn't feel like such a big project.

This is a guest mani I did for my auntie Judith while I was home was done by painting thumbs white and rest of nails black. Stamped the black nails using Konad Special polish in White and Konad image plate #m65 . Thumbs used Konad Black Pearl stamping polish and Bundle Monster image plate #BM14 . I layered up the single rose stamp in a pyramid on each thumb. Used my Art Deco Silver sparkle striper polish to add a little bling to the center of the roses. Topcoat was Seche Vite.

And this is my manicure from last week. Base color is 1/2 Sally Hansen Insta Dri White On, and 1/2 GOSH Nero. Stamped using GOSH Nero and Bundle Monster image plate #BM11, lining it up so that I got a line of crisp white between the solid black and the pattern.

I finished off with Sally Hansen Insta Dri anti-chip top coat. I pour this top coat into a smaller bottle that has a softer brush and I find I don't get nearly as much smudging on the stamp this way. It also helps the polish not to thicken up and get goopy as fast.

And finally my Valentine's day manicure. I just did something quick to match a black and red dress I found at the thrift store that fit me perfectly! I painted a little more than half my nail with Essie Lacquered Up and filled in the other side with GOSH Nero. Stamped using GOSH Nero and the full rose image off Konad plate#m65 (I love that plate) I didn't worry about the stamp overlapping onto the black side. It was visible upon stamping but because it was the identical polish when I went over the manicure with my SH Insta Dri Anti Chip Top Coat it just melted into the previous layer. :)

Sorry there's already a fair bit of tip wear, but I don't think it's the polish. I've been weaving taspestry all morning and the friction of my fingertips against those warp threads really does damage.

Hope your week is cheery!



  1. I'm a fan of the vertical line. Reminds me of harlequin costumes. Pretty!

  2. I really like the black and white mani (the first one) cute idea :)

  3. I am in love with the second one, but cannot get my stamping and plates to play nice!

  4. My favourite is the first picure very pretty roses

  5. Thanks for your comments everybody!

    I really loved the first one as well and hope to reproduce it again on myself one of these days. Auntie was pretty happy with it!

    Sarah! Totally harlequin! Now I want to try for more!

    ABOP: Awe why won't they play nice? I have periods of stamping fail too. I really like your gold polka dot mani!